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Seattle Sounders 1-2 CF Monterrey: Defending Champions Fight Back To Claim Group D

The Seattle Sounders were unable to break through a resolute Monterrey defense and unable to contain a dangerous Rayados counter attack and it cost them, as the visitors emerged with a 2-1 victory and the the top spot on the group. Some very sloppy defending put the Sounders behind 1-0 early in the game after Abraham Carreño completely split the Sounders defense and fired past a helpless Bryan Meredith to give Monterrey an early lead. The Sounders responded by going very much on the offensive but were unable to make much headway against a heavily bunkered Monterrey side until the 42nd minute when Fredy Montero sent in gorgeous curling effort past the wall and out of reach of a diving Johnathan Orozco to bring Seattle level.

Monterry would regain the lead in the second half thanks to some very strong assertion of dominance in the midfield, some wonderful distribution from the sublime Humberto Suazo and a cool finish from César Delgado and from then on out it was a losing battle for the home side, who pushed themselves up against a massive wall erected by the visitors but were unable to fully break through.

The victory secured top spot in the group for Monterrey, but there is little to be disappointed by in the performance of Seattle; Sammy Ochoa looked a dominant force in his first appearance as a starter with the Sounders, David Estrada displayed a greatly improved first touch and awareness on the wing and Bryan Meredith put in a solid and commanding shift between the posts. This was far from a good result for the Sounders, but from an evaluative standpoint there were some positive signs. That's not enough to make up for the disappointment of the loss. But as a consolation, it's not the worst thing in the world.