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VIDEO: Kasey Keller's Ridiculous Quadruple Save

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The Seattle Sounders game against the San Jose Earthquakes on Saturday night was all about Kasey Keller, and though Sammy Ochoa and Fredy Montero scored the goals that propelled the Sounders to victory the legendary captain didn't disappoint; in the 65th minute with the Earthquakes clinging to a 1-0 lead Keller took on the entire San Jose attack one at a time, showing these young whippersnappers how a legend goes about their business. Get Microsoft Silverlight

Kasey Keller is awesome. And that he's retiring while he's still capable of doing things like this just further speak to his legendary status. The Sounders will find another keeper, and they'll keep on winning trophies and building their legacy. But no matter how good the next man between the posts (and the next man, and the next man and on and on into eternity) there will always and forever be just one Kasey Keller. And he's a Sounders legend.