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World Cup 2022: Qatar's Bid Filled With Dreams Of Grandeur

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How exactly did Qatar win the right to host the 2022 World Cup? For FIFA, it's a chance to bring the games to a new audience; to a new region the World Cup has ever been. It was a chance that was too tantalizing to pass up and the impacts could be far-reaching for both FIFA and the country of Qatar.

Qatar is the tiniest of countries, spanning an area only about as large as Connecticut. But the 2022 World Cup isn't just about the country itself; it's about the region. And the reasoning behind FIFA awarding the World Cup to Qatar sure appears to be a hope of broadening the reach of the game.

Bringing soccer to the reason not enough? How about futuristic stadiums?

As much as I hate to see the United States lose the bids ... I mean, look at those stadiums. Sure these are all concepts, but what concepts they are. It is, as Dave Clark of Sounder At Heart said, like something out of Star Trek.

Whether or not Qatar can pull off the construction necessary to build the grandiose stadiums remains to be see. But, clearly, FIFA was impressed by the amount of money Qatar was planning to throw at the World Cup, both in stadiums and base infrastructure.