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Seattle Sounders Scarves Available At Sounder At Heart Meetup This Sunday

SB Nation's Seattle Sounders' blog, Sounder At Heart, has been the one-stop shop for all things Sounders on the SB Nation network and Internet as a whole. On Sunday, Dec. 12, the Sounder At Heart crew is hosting a meetup, filled with discussion, a Q&A and, of course, beer. Join Dave Clark, Jeremiah Oshan and the rest of the crew at Elysian Fields, in the shadow of Qwest Field, this Sunday from 1-3 p.m.


As an added bonus, Sounder At Heart made their own scarves. The design is centered around the phrase "No Audietis," Latin for you will hear us. Check out the pictures, get in touch with Dave or Jeremiah and gather to receive your scarves on Sunday.




Full details on the event can be found here. And for all your Seattle Sounders' news, analysis and more, be sure to check out Sounder At Heart. Dave and co. have done a fantastic job growing the community, creating one of the best soccer blogs around. Check them out, jump into the comments and join all the action.