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Los Angeles 1-0 Seattle:The Galaxy Lead 2-0 On Aggregate

Galaxy pressure pays off with another goal from Edson Buddle.

Los Angeles earned a corner kick off the left side of the goal, but for some reason the corner was taken on the right side (update:it is up to the discretion of the official), giving David Beckham the opportunity to swing in one of his famous corner kicks. Buddle jumped and got the better of the Seattle defense, catching Tyrone Marshall flat footed. Buddle's header left Keller scrambling as well, and he just couldn't get a touch on it.

The Sounders have been practically anonymous in the first twenty minutes, unable to string more than a few passes together. The team is once again relying on the long pass upfield, almost guaranteeing the Galaxy the opportunity to collect the ball and send it back toward the Seattle goal. Los Angeles are being smart and attacking down their left side, exposing the weakness of both Sanna Nyassi and James Riley, with the latter already having been caught out of position at least three times, allowing Landon Donovan plenty of room in which to play.