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2010 MLS Expansion Draft: Portland Timbers Take Dax McCarty, Vancouver Whitecaps Pick Up Sanna Nyassi

The 2010 MLS Expansion Draft started at 11 AM PST. Should you want to follow along, you can listen to audio at Major League Soccer's official site. Portland Timbers choose first, with picks available from each of the 16 current MLS clubs.

Here we go...Dax McCarty has been chosen by the Portland Timbers. FC Dallas left the midfielder unprotected for some unknown reason, considering he's been a quality player for the club this season. Each club that loses a player gets to add another to their protected list. Dallas has re-claimed Daniel Hernandez, to the surprise of the commentators who believe Dallas should be protecting Atiba Harris. Instead, he went to Vancouver for their second pick, meaning no more Dallas players can be chosen.

Vancouver have taken Sanna Nyassi from the Seattle Sounders, grabbing the speedy winger with their first pick. The Sounders have pulled back Patrick Ianni, whose quality defending at center back was a definite asset to Seattle this season. Who will be next to go from the Seattle Sounders?

Stay tuned for more information, including a first round summary.