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Seattle Sounders Forward Fredy Montero Receives Green Card

Worry not, Sounders fans--a green card isn't something more severe than a red, and it's not what happens when a player gets three yellows. No, Fredy Montero has received his green card from the United States, meaning he is now a permanent resident.

And with that permanent residency, Seattle have freed up an international roster spot. The Sounders now have seven international players on the roster: Alvaro Fernandez, Leo Gonzalez, Jhon Kennedy Hurtado, Miguel Montaño, Sanna Nyassi, Steve Zakuani and Blaise Nkufo. Fredy's green card opens up another space for an international player.

Montero used his twitter account to thank everyone (including God):

Si, es verdad! Estoy muy complacido por tener mi green card. Es muy dificil obtenerla y gracias a dios la tengo. Thank you for your support

While Montero remains shy about using his English, he's able to understand most of what is said, and is working hard on continuing to improve. He also just bought a house in the Seattle area, so it looks as though Montero just might be sticking around.