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Halftime: Seattle Sounders and Kansas City Wizards At 0-0

Watching this match is rather like watching a table tennis tournament: the ball simply pings back and forth across the field. Ping! It’s in the Sounders box. Ping! It’s within shooting range of the Kansas City goal. Ping! Ping! Ping!.

Kansas City play on a field with absurdly small dimensions, and the size of the pitch is restricting the form of the Sounders. With the players so close together, no one is able to find the space they need. The game is just moving quickly back and forth, with neither team able to keep the ball for more than a couple of passes. The slippery surface isn’t helping, either, with many players simply losing their footing.

Remember: a 0-0 scoreline is sufficient for Seattle. While we’d love a win, a draw will do.