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SBN Seattle Commentary: Sounders Drop The Ball With Season Ticket Renewals


Ahead of this weekend's playoff opener, the Seattle Sounders caused an uproar when season ticket renewal notices were sent out on Monday. Season ticket holders experienced sticker shock at the sight of increased prices after being promised no more than a 3 percent hike.

As a season ticket holder myself, I was not given the renewal price because I've only held tickets for a year and a half. After supporting the Sounders and being loyal to the team, I felt betrayed by both the price increase and the lack of a renewal discount.

I'll still renew my tickets, largely because I love the team and environment surrounding games, but I now harbor resentment towards the front office for their actions this week. As someone who has been loyal to the team from the beginning -- buying tickets as soon as I moved back to Seattle -- I should be treated just as any other season ticket holder that renews their tickets for the 2011 season.