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GOALFLASH: Houston 2-1 Seattle: Cam Weaver Puts The Dynamo In Front

Cam Weaver finds his third goal of the year to put Houston in front of Seattle.

Mike Chabala collected the ball near the center and took it up the left side, where he confronted a lurking James Riley. Riley proved to be too far out of position and Chabala beat him easily with his cross. Weaver was waiting just in front of the goal and met the ball with a resounding header, sending the ball past Kasey Keller and in to the net.

Jeff Parke was subbed off in the half in favor of Tyrone Marshall, undoubtedly to ensure that a second yellow wouldn’t keep the defender out of the playoffs. With that mix up in front of the net, it’s easy to see why Sigi Schmid is trying to protect his normally flawless back line.

Playoff position watch continues, with Seattle in the race for any slot from fourth to eighth.