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Seahawks Vs. Cardinals Score: 1st Quarter Update

After 15 minutes, the Seattle Seahawks and Arizona Cardinals are right where they started the game -- tied. The Seahawks had the better of the early play, but some miscues limited them to just a field goal. The Cardinals answered that with one of their own late in the quarter to tie the game at 3-3.

The Seahawks looked good early on, driving down and getting into field goal range, but they came up empty. The Cardinals just barely got a hand to Steven Hauschka's kick and, as a result, it came up short.

Hauschka got another attempt minutes later after Brandon Mebane jumped on a Ryan Williams fumble and got Seattle the ball in Arizona territory. The Seahawks couldn't convert it into six, but they did get Hauschka another field goal try, which he nailed to go up 3-0.

Arizona finally mustered some offense on their final play of the quarter and, on the back of John Skelton, they drove right down the field. The Cardinals got the ball inside the 10 and, with the way they were moving it, a touchdown seemed inevitable. But the Seahawks' defense came up big with their backs up against their own goal line. Arizona had to settle for a field goal and the game was tied.

There was some concern about how the rookie Russell Wilson would look in his first game, but he hasn't gotten many opportunities to shine or fall. He's attempted just four passes, completing two of them for 10 yards. Marshawn Lynch is off to a good start with 17 yards on four carries and the defense has done well to limit Larry Fitzgerald to just one catch for three yards.

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