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Seattle Seahawks Roster 2012: Field Gulls Reacts

The Seahawks went the inexpensive route in grabbing tight end Evan Moore after the release of Kellen Winslow.

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It came to many as a surprise that the Seattle Seahawks would cut tight end Kellen Winslow. But then they turned around and signed tight end Evan Moore and it's an interesting signing.

Field Gulls found saying that "in a league where teams are looking to find mismatches at the tight end position, have the Cleveland Browns let one slip through their fingers? (Moore) spent 61.5 percent of his snaps lined up tight, hardly putting him in position to be the Browns' poor-man's answer to Jimmy Graham or Aaron Hernandez. Some team will be intrigued by his talents and may just put him in a spot where defense have to worry about him."

The Seahawks are that team, as they wasted no time scooping up Moore after the release of Winslow. Moore comes at a much cheaper price than Winslow and provides an intriguing, large target for rookie quarterback Russell Wilson.

ESPN's NFC West Blog quoted Scouts Inc. as saying that "Moore creates mismatches in the passing game with his length, especially in the red zone." Moore is 6'6, 250 pounds and runs a 4.74 40-yard dash.

Moore was listed on's list of cuts who can contribute at the time that he was released from the Browns. The Seahawks may have found a gem, even if he is described as an atrocious run blocker.

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