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Chris Clemons talks Seahawks top defense, signing extension

Defensive end likes the location of Seattle, which helps him focus solely on football.

Jonathan Daniel - Getty Images

Seattle may be more than 2,700 miles away from his hometown in Georgia, but if you ask Seahawks defensive end Chris Clemons, that's just the way he likes it, according to a report in Sports Illustrated.

Clemons, a 6'3, 255-pound defensive end, reached a three-year, $22.1 million contract extension with the Seahawks in July, a year after leading the team with 11 sacks. He stayed in Seattle despite warnings from his peers that the city was "too far from everywhere":

"I play better when I'm not close to home anyway. Too many distractions for me back in Philly [where he last played with the Eagles in 2009]. I had one of my best years in Oakland, actually. So I like it out here, and I can concentrate totally on football. That's one of the reasons when [GM] John Schneider talked to me in the offseason about extending my contract, I was interested. I signed a five-year deal in Philadelphia, and this was going to be my last year, so it was good to be able to extend it [through 2014]. I've seen too many guys enter the last year of their deal and get distracted by thinking about their contract. I didn't want that to happen to me.''

Clemons also touched on the Seahawks' defense, which has been stellar this season. Seattle's defense ranks as the NFL's best scoring defense (13 points against per game) and fourth-best total defense (272 yards allowed per game).

"I consider us the best defense in the NFL. As for what other people think, I don't care. If some other team thinks otherwise, prove it. We're playing the best right now.''

Through three games this season, Clemons has recorded seven tackles, five sacks and one forced fumble.

The Seahawks (2-1) travel to St. Louis to face the Rams (1-2) on Sunday.