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Kellen Winslow asks for, and is granted release from Patriots

After being released by the Seahawks following training camp, Kellen Winslow was released by New England on Thursday.

Rob Carr - Getty Images

The New England Patriots released Kellen Winslow on Thursday after the tight end reportedly asked for his release. Winslow spent training camp with the Seahawks after Seattle acquired him in an offseason trade.

When the Seahawks released Winslow at the end of training camp, it came as a surprise to many who expected him to be a major part of the Seattle offense. Some fans feared Winslow would have a strong season with another team and make the Seahawks regret releasing him. If that is going to happen, it won't be in New England.

Winslow didn't immediately sign after being released by Seattle. He spent the first two weeks of the season without a team before signing with the Patriots on Sept. 19. He didn't play much in his one game in New England, seeing just four offensive snaps.

After releasing Winslow, the Seahawks signed tight end Evan Moore who is yet to catch a pass this season.