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An anonymous replacement referee speaks [Video]

SB Nation's exclusive "interview" with a NFL replacement official.

Joe Nicholson-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The Seattle Seahawks' win over the Green Bay Packers Monday night will forever be linked to the replacement referee era in the NFL, no matter how much longer it lasts. The game-ending touchdown call could be the straw that broke the NFL's back on their lockout of the real refs, though that isn't stopping the replacement officials from speaking out on their own behalf.

In an exclusive "interview" for SB Nation, Dan Rubenstein sits down with an anonymous replacement ref to talk about what it's been like on and off the field, how he came to be hired as an NFL official, and his undying love to the Saints. Some of the language may not be safe for work.

How Rubenstein keeps a straight face though this interview is beyond me. But one thing is for sure, 'Bud' seems like he could use a refresher course in the rules of professional football.