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Rams head coach Jeff Fisher praises Seahawks' Marshawn Lynch

St. Louis Rams head coach Jeff Fisher called Seattle's Marshawn Lynch a complete running back.

Stephen Brashear - Getty Images

St. Louis Rams coach Jeff Fisher said in a conference call that Seattle running back Marshawn Lynch is in the company of the NFL's elite running backs, calling the Seahawks' go-to guy an "emotional runner."

Fisher has a pretty good measuring stick with Steven Jackson on his own roster, and he made the comparisons between the two when discussing what makes a complete back.

Per the Seahawks team blog:

"When he does go down, he's getting tackled, he's not getting hit," Fisher said. "That implies that he's either, one, delivering the blow or, two, he's got great vision."

The opposing head coach, who Seattle will face this Sunday, added that Lynch is not only great with the ball, but without it. He blocks and knows where to go on routes as his quarterback reads through the pass progressions, Fisher said.

The numbers don't lie. Lynch has posted the most yardage in the NFL during the past 12 games, dating back to last season.