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The national perspective: at least one thing is obvious - Marshawn Lynch is really good

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Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch is still really good, regardless of bad officiating or not.

Otto Greule Jr - Getty Images

Lost in the strange victory by the Seattle Seahawks was another outstanding performance by Marshawn Lynch. Lynch carried the ball 29 times for 98 yards, which is only 3.9 yards per carry. However, given how much difficulty Seattle had in moving the football through the air with Russell Wilson's arm, the Green Bay Packers defense was keyed in on stopping the Seattle run game, making Lynch's job more difficult.

However, Lynch proved he was capable of making his way and ripped off some pretty critical rushing gains, particularly on a 4th down conversion that helped set up great field position later on for the last minute drive by the Seahawks. Ian Rapoport of files this report that talks about what Marshawn was able to do with that carry, including dragging the gigantic B.J. Raji along with him for the ride. That play was extra critical since the Packers probably would have taken over at midfield, and if Seattle had forced Green Bay off the field they would probably have been in a far worse situation.