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Packers Vs. Seahawks Reaction: Even Seattle fans can lose respect for the game

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The Seattle Seahawks won, but even a biased Seattle Seahawks fan can be rocked by the team's victory against the Green Bay Packers. Golden Tate's supposed touchdown catch on the final Hail Mary play gave the Seahawks the win, but the larger picture is that it marred not only the Packers' record, but the game of football.

Kenneth Arthur of Field Gulls is afraid to re-watch the Seattle victory.

It's been too soon for me to re-watch this game in its entirety and frankly I'm scared to do so. It wasn't just a play, it was awful officiating for sixty 240 minutes. Or at least that's how long that game felt. I'm worried that I'll lose respect for the game I love when I re-watch this game without any emotion attached to every play since I know that no matter what happens, we win.

Of course, Seahawks fans can be happy because their team came out with another impressive defensive effort in the victory. Arthur cites Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers' 5.72 passing yards per attempt, his lowest in a game since Halloween night of 2010, as one of the most impressive positives in the game.

And though Tate's efforts might have stolen the game from the Packers, the fact the effort was there is why the Seahawks got the benefit of the call, Arthur believes.