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Packers vs. Seahawks 2012: Did everyone forget how good the Seahawks defense played on Monday?

It's still resonating in everyone's minds. The game dubbed by Field Gulls' Danny Kelly as the 'most controversial game in the history of Monday Night Football', featured a Seattle Seahawks team that has the uncomfortable distinction of having to celebrate a win that never should have been. A win debated from coast-to-coast as asterisk-worthy, a hoax, a sham.

Kelly both asks and answers a litany of questions surrounding the last play of the game and whether the replacement officials got it right based on the NFL rulebook as well as what it says in regards to ‘simultaneous possession'.

But Kelly tried to get back to what would have been the story of the game if it had not been for that controversial ending, and that's the play of the Seahawks' defense. When you sack the reigning league MVP eight times in the first half and have one of the most explosive offenses in the league out of rhythm for most of the game, you need to be talked about. Instead, they are mentioned at the bottom of every conversation about this game because of the ending.

So much happened in the game that Kelly couldn't even get to the number of penalties that the Seahawks racked up (again). Guess there's always tomorrow.

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