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Seahawks Injury Report: John Moffitt Got 'Banged Up' On Sunday

Seattle Seahawks right guard John Moffitt started both halves but was replaced by rookie J.R. Sweezy by the end of each half in a 27-7 Week 2 win over the Dallas Cowboys.

Head coach Pete Carroll said at a press conference Monday he is monitoring their playing time and that the replacement wasn't an indication of being pulled for mental mistakes, errors or much of an injury.

"John did fine," Carroll said. "He got banged up a little bit so J.R. jumped in there, and J.R. got some good play at the end like we had hoped. So we just keep making progress and go. We'll decide that during the week how it's going. But the competition is definitely on there, and John did all right. J.R. played pretty well, too. Neither one of them had really any glaring mistakes that would hurt their cause. Both could play better, but they did a nice job."

At the end of the day, the two players spent a pretty similar amount of time on the field. Moffitt played for 38 snaps while Sweezy was present for 30. Although the situation could change later in the season depending on quality of play, it appears that Moffitt will remain the starter, at least for Week 3.

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