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Cowboys Vs. Seahawks 2012: A Long Way To Travel For Dallas To Lose

The Seattle Seahawks made quick work of the Dallas Cowboys Sunday at CenturyLink Field, and SB Nation Seattle's Joey Rebbe broke it down into reasons the Seahawks won the game.

Ultimately, given Seattle's focus on running the ball and utilizing the short passing game, winning time of possession with Russell Wilson at the helm is an achievable goal.

Danny Kelly at Field Gulls, the SB Nation Seahawks blog, focused on the power of the running game with "Beast Mode," Marshawn Lynch, and the limiting of Russell Wilson to 20 pass attempts.

On the flip side, KD Drummond of Blogging the Boys was succint with his assessment of the Cowboys' long trip to the Northwest to get crushed.

Thoughts that we just aren't any better than the .500 team that ended last season? Now, plausible. The Cowboys took a trip to the Pacific Northwest and got their rears kicked, 27-7.

It's a tough crowd down in the Big D.

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