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Cowboys Vs. Seahawks Score Update: Turnovers Have Seattle Up, 10-0, Through First

The Seattle Seahawks got things started against the Dallas Cowboys as well as they could have hoped. It wasn't Russell Wilson or Marshawn Lynch that jump-started them to a 10-0 lead, though, it was the special teams. Seattle kicked off to start the game, but the Cowboys fumbled the ball and Earl Thomas got the recovery at the Dallas 29-yard line. They turned that possession into three points after stalling at the 3-yard line.

Then, they managed to block a punt after forcing a three-and-out on Dallas's first possession. The blocked punt was recovered and taken in for a touchdown by Jeron Johnson. That gave Seattle a 10-0 lead with around 10 minutes to go in the first.

But Dallas started to come back, and Tony Romo led them down the field and into Seattle territory. Then, he did what he often does, and forced a pass into coverage, where Brandon Browner had an interception for Seattle. The Seahawks took over at the Dallas 46 off of the interception. A false start stalled that drive though, and Seattle was forced to punt with around five minutes remaining in the quarter.

Dallas managed to get a drive going, but Romo managed to fumble a snap with 50 seconds left. He recovered the fumble, but it was a worrying sign for Dallas, given their history. The quarter came to an end with Romo converting a third down with a 17-yard pass, but Seattle still out in front 10-0.

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