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NFL Power Rankings 2012: Seahawks Drop After Week 1 Loss

The Seattle Seahawks have dropped in the NFL Power Rankings after a Week 1 loss to the Arizona Cardinals.

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Week 2 NFL power rankings are out across the web, and the Seattle Seahawks have taken a small tumble after a tough 20-16 loss to the Arizona Cardinals.

SB Nation's Joel Thorman dropped the Seahawks from No. 24 to 26 in his NFL Power Rankings after the Russell Wilson era didn't get off to a good start:

26. Seattle Seahawks (LW: 24, 0-1): All that preseason hype over Russell Wilson and they go out and lose to Arizona. What a deflating feeling.

There is a little bit of difference on opinion of the Seahawks, but they are typically falling in the mid-20s range of the power rankings. Yahoo has the Seahawks at No. 24. The Seahawks dropped six spots to No. 26 in ESPN's list, and they say Russell Wilson wasn't the problem:

The offensive line was the biggest disappointment during opening-week defeat to Cardinals.

Fox Sports has the Seahawks even closer to the bottom, placing them at No. 28. CBS gives Seattle the most love, putting them at No. 22 after one game.

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