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Seahawks Depth Chart 2012: Analyzing Russell Wilson's Potential

Russell Wilson is at the top of the depth chart for Seattle. A look at his college tape shows some impressive attributes.

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Pete Carroll made a big splash when he named rookie Russell Wilson as the starting quarterback for the Seahawks' first regular-season game against the Arizona Cardinals. Wilson was a third-round draft choice by Seattle and many analysts were concerned that his 5'11 stature would keep him from ever being a regular starter in the NFL.

Well, it took him just three preseason games to rise to the top of the depth chart, and Kenneth Arthur of Field Gulls examined what Wilson brings to the table:

More and more as I watch the film from Wisconsin, I notice that Wilson keeps his eyes exactly where they need to be: downfield. At times, yes, Wilson can get himself into trouble, but I absolutely noticed that he keeps his eyes on the prize until the moment where he decides he has to take it himself. Several times though I saw him bail for a moment just to get a free second to make a nice throw.

Wilson has been receiving praise from all around the league for his intelligence, work ethic, and ability. He will do his best the season to disprove the notion that only tall guys can play quarterback in the NFL.

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