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Seahawks Say They Are Not Currently Pursuing Super Bowl Bid

There was a report Tuesday morning which said the Seattle Seahawks were interested in putting together a bid to host a future Super Bowl. The team, however, said they are not currently pursuing a bid.

The initial report from Bill Swartz of 710 ESPN said the Seahawks had partnered with the Seattle Sports Commission to express interest in hosting a future Super Bowl. According to the report, team owner Paul Allen expressed interest to the NFL and the Super Bowl Advisory Committee would now review Seattle's application.

As a cold weather city playing in an open-air stadium, Seattle may seem like an unlikely Super Bowl host, but recently the NFL has shifted away from the philosophy of only hosting Super Bowls in warm-weather cities. NFL owners will decide on the 2016 host city later this year so if Seattle were to attempt a bid, it likely would be 2017 at the earliest.

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