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Seahawks Vs. Broncos: Russell Wilson Impresses

Put Russell Wilson against a swarm of backups and watch him work.

The Seattle Seahawks rookie quarterback had a second half to remember in his second preseason game, going 10-for-17 for 155 yards and two touchdowns against the Denver Broncos.

Maybe it was the fact that Matt Flynn played against the starters and Wilson the backups for the Broncos, but Wilson outplayed Flynn in every regard. Flynn threw for a measly 31 yards on 6-for-13 passing.

Wilson has already made Tarvaris Jackson expendable due to his play in the no. 2 slot, but it doesn't look like Wilson wants to stop there. He was considered one of the most NFL-ready quarterbacks heading into the draft and he's playing like it. Yes, it's early, but it's a good start. Wilson is now 21-for-32 for 279 yards, three touchdowns and an interception during the preseason.

The Flynn-Wilson battle seems to be heating up and may force Pete Carroll to have to make a decision he never thought he'd have to make: ‘do I go with the free-agent signing with the sizeable contract or the rookie standout who looks primed for great things?'

Decision time forthcoming.

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