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Seattle Seahawks Ranked 12th In Top Under-25 NFL Talent

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The Seattle Seahawks have had some decent drafts the last few season. Not remarkable. Not great, but defenitely decent. Seattle has found some remarkable playmakers through the draft.

Football Outsiders put together a list that has the Seahawks faring pretty well in the upper tier of young players in the league, leaving room to believe Seattle is in for a bright future if they can keep their development going. FO notes their strong secondary, which has three young and promising new talents, their young and promising wide receiver corps, their very talented offensive tackles, and potential dynamic playmaker at quarterback. After the jump you can read what FO has to say about each of these young Seahawks and what it projects to for the team in the future.

The Seahawks have a few different position groups that have almost unmatched young depth. In the secondary, they have a pair of young Pro Bowl safeties in Kam Chancellor and Earl Thomas, as well as a solid young corner in Richard Sherman. They have two very promising tackles: Russell Okung is the one who can actually block pass-rushers, but there is still time for James Carpenter to grow into that kind of player. They also have three different wide receivers who cracked FO's top-25 prospects list: Doug Baldwin, Ricardo Lockette and Kris Durham. Add DE Bruce Irvin to that and the pattern is emerging: Not only is this team developing many solid young players, they're also doing it with a focus primarily on the passing game. If Russell Wilson can become the QB some in the scouting community think he can, this is going to be a very dangerous team come the middle of the decade.

You can view the full Football Outsiders article by clicking here and checking out the content. You will need an ESPN Insider account to see the full list.

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