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Former Personnel Exec Tony Softli Thinks Russell Wilson is the Real Deal

Most of the media conversation on the Seahawks' three-way quarterback competition revolves around Matt Flynn vs. Tarvaris Jackson, but one former NFL personnel executive thinks it would be foolish to count Russell Wilson out just because he's a 5'11 rookie. On ESPN's Bob and Groz show this week, Tony Softli explained:

"I think he is the future, there's no question. Flynn, Jackson, they better not open the door because this guy will slam it shut... This guy is five-foot-10 and five-eighths. That's the only reason that he went that late in the draft. A steal by [general manager John Schneider and coach Pete Carroll to get him in the third round."

Softli didn't make it clear just how quickly he figures that Wilson will win the starting job for the Seahawks, but he explained why he's so high on Wilson's chances, despite his height.

"... you're going to have to roll him out, you're going to have to play him a little bit like Wisconsin did," Soflti said, suggesting measures the Seahawks can take to combat the challenges presented by Wilson's height. "But I think this guy can also stand in the pocket and really deliver some nice balls. I like everything about this guy."

A lot of people have made the comparison to the NFL's now top-paid player, Saints QB Drew Brees. Brees stands 6' tall and manages to mitigate his height disadvantage with designed half rollouts, bootlegs, moving pockets, and the offensive line does a lot to create passing lanes for him.

We shall see.

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