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NFL Supplemental Draft Begins at 10:00AM PST; Josh Gordon Scouting Report

The NFL Supplemental Draft is set to kick off at 10am PST this morning and comes with a little drama this year as former WR Josh Gordon provides an intriguing storyline. The former star WR sat out of the 2011 season after being dismissed from the Baylor football program, but many believe he'd have emerged as a possible top-15 pick if he hadn't missed the year. Our own Daniel Hill, a former teammate of Gordon, provided a scouting report:

Gordon is an absolute physical specimen. I knew just from watching him on the field in practice and during workouts that he was someone who undoubtedly possessed next-level talent. As only a true sophomore, he was built similarly to Terrell Owens. He has long arms with a wingspan of 82" inches. His hands are huge. At Baylor, the largest receiver gloves available were XXL. Gordon's hands were so big he never strapped up his gloves so he could have better hand and wrist mobility. His hands were very smooth and natural when catching the football and at his pro day workout on Tuesday this was evident -- he did not drop a pass.

Just the measurables alone, (6'3" and 224) make Gordon an intriguing NFL prospect. On top of the large physique, he also has speed. I know at his pro day he was clocked at a 4.52 forty-yard-dash but he also hurt his quad during that run. I know for a fact that at Baylor he timed in the low 4.4's and was on the verge of breaking into the high 4.3 range. Physically, he is a rare breed and this is what makes him such a tantalizing prospect for many NFL teams.

The Seahawks attended his pro day on Tuesday so you know there's at least a slight interest in his services. We'll see what it takes to pick him up -- most have guessed he'll be selected in somewhere in the 2nd through 5th rounds.

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