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NFL Supplemental Draft: Lottery System Decides Order

As you're probably now well-aware, the NFL Supplemental Draft takes place tomorrow and the big-ticket name to be aware of is former Baylor WR Josh Gordon. Rumor has it that Gordon could be selected anywhere from the 2nd round to the 4th round, and interestingly enough, the Seahawks were present at his pro day on Tuesday. Will the Seahawks be interested? We'll have to wait and see, but for now, it's interesting to note that the Supplemental Draft doesn't work exactly the same way as the 'regular' NFL Draft. ProFootballTalk explained this morning:

"Like the NBA and NHL, the NFL supplemental draft lottery is weighted so that worse teams get a better chance of having the highest picks. The first drawing will feature the 10 teams that won six or fewer games last season: Colts, Rams,Vikings, Browns, Buccaneers, Redskins, Jaguars, Dolphins, Panthers and Bills. The Colts will get their names put in the drawing 32 times, the Rams 31 times, and so on. Those 10 teams are guaranteed to have Top 10 picks, but the lottery will determine the exact order. After that, a second drawing takes place with the 10 teams that won seven or more games last season but didn't make the playoffs: Chiefs, Seahawks, Cardinals, Cowboys, Eagles, Jets, Raiders, Chargers, Bears, Titans. The Chiefs will get their names in the drawing 22 times, the Seahawks 21 times, and so on. Those 10 teams get picks 11-20. Finally, the third drawing is for the 12 playoff teams, with the Super Bowl champion Giants getting their names in the drawing just once. The 12 playoff teams get draft lottery picks 21-32."

In addition to the position lottery, the Supplemental Draft goes by silent auction format. Each 'round' goes by with teams deciding whether or not to place a bid. The highest positioned team that places a bid in the highest round 'wins' the auction and grabs the right to a player in question. In turn, they give up a pick in 2013, equal to the round in which they made their bid.

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