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Seahawks Offseason: Matt Flynn and Doug Baldwin Workout In Pensacola, FL

It's that time of the NFL offseason when almost there isn't much at all going on, and players and coaches alike simply bide their time until the start of camp, signaling the start of the 2012-13 campaign.

Nevertheless, a pair of Seattle Seahawks have been spending their time hanging out with one another, making their bond that much stronger when camp actually begins. As Matt Flynn and Doug Baldwin will tell you, what a difference a year makes.

Flynn and Baldwin have been working out with one another at Gulf Breeze high school down in Pensacola, Florida recently, building that bond on and off the field this offseason:

"Last year, Doug being undrafted, obviously, I'm sure he had something to prove coming in, a chip on his shoulder, and he more than proved he belongs on the field," said Flynn, via the Pensacola News Journal. "I've been throwing to him for only two months but I can already see how he's a special player and will be around for a long time."

Doug Baldwin became the first undrafted rookie since 1960 to lead his team in receptions and receiving yards, while Flynn, Seattle's biggest offseason acquisition, was signed in March as a free agent from the Green Bay Packers for $26 million over three years.

As for Baldwin, he knows just how special this opportunity to work with Flynn was, and cherished every millisecond of it.

"Days like today, all of this is invaluable," said Baldwin. "You can't really put words on it because all the time you get with anybody on your team, that's a chance to build that rapport, that chemistry ... And, obviously, he drove down from Louisiana to work and it adds that extra boost to the relationship."

BFF"s forever? Maybe someday, but they are getting there.

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