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VIDEO: Brian Banks Works Out With Seattle Seahawks

The incredible story of Brian Banks continues to get better after he took part in a workout with the Seattle Seahawks on Thursday, and was quite impressive considering his long time off from the game.

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Banks measured in at 6'2, 239, likely projecting as an outside linebacker. Seeing that Banks hasn't played football in a just about a decade, he looked pretty good, and impressed head coach Pete Carroll:

"He looks like a guy who has not been schooled and worked out in the fashion that our guys are at this level. It's going to take him some time and I think our expectations need to be fitted to that. He's not had the upscale program and individual workouts and the kinds of things that guys do to get here. So to look as good as he did under those circumstances was worth noting."

Here is the complete video thanks of the folks over at

Brian Banks' Tryout with the Seahawks (via winforever)

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