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Former Seahawk Brandon Stokley Looking to Catch On With Broncos Again

With the roster churn that has hit the Seattle Seahawks as they endeavor to get younger at every position, it's easy to forget that 35-year old WR Brandon Stokley was a key player in the Hawks' improbable Playoffs run just two seasons ago. Stokley was picked up mid-season in 2010 after a few Seahawks receivers suffered injuries and made his mark, especially in the playoffs - picking up 4 catches for 73 yards and a big touchdown in the win over the Saints and 8 catches for 85 yards and a touchdown in the loss to the Bears.

After only two games with the Giants last year, Stokley is now trying to catch on with Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos. When asked how he plans to break into the 53-man roster, he replied, "I still think I am pretty fast. I don't know. Like I said I still think I can run pretty fast and pretty good. Just show little moves here and there that I picked up along the way helps out."

When asked whether he shares the tricks of the trade with the young guys at camp that are competing for your job, Stokley replied, "Sure. I mean I try to share as much as I can with those guys. I don't think...I don't look at is as it's going to hurt my chances of making the team. I think a lot of older guys have helped me along the way and I've learned a lot from those guys, so if I can help any of the younger guys out with anything, technique or route running. I am more than happy to share that information."

Stokley has played 13 seasons, spending time with the Baltimore Ravens, Indianapolis Colts (with Peyton Manning, the Broncos' current QB), the Broncos, Seahawks, and the Giants for a while last season. I'm a fan, and I'm hoping he makes their final roster and can show the Broncos' young receiver corps a thing or two about what it takes to play receiver in the NFL.

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