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Seahawks CB Brandon Browner Makes ESPN's Most Overated Players List

The NFL is a league of opinions, where everyone has something to say about everything else around them. Some players are seen as underrated for their performances, while others are overrated, to which ESPN's KC Joyner compiled a list of. Unfortunately, Seattle Seahawks cornerback Brandon Browner made the list, along with a number of other NFL 'elite.'

Here is ESPN's KC Joyner with the commentary:

Browner made the Pro Bowl on the strength of his six interceptions, but he had abysmal coverage metrics and was a penalty machine. He was terrible against short passes (6.7 YPA, ranked 72nd), vertical passes (11.3 VYPA, ranked 63rd) and stretch vertical passes (14.8 SVYPA, ranked 66th). Plus, one of his interception returns for a touchdown was a gift, due more to the highly inaccurate arm of Bears quarterback Caleb Hanie than any action on Browner's part. All Browner did was drop back into zone coverage and catch a pass that was thrown right to him.

A Pro Bowler is a Pro Bowler, and is paid as such. Browner's wallet is certainly not complaining. He may be 'overrated' in Joyner's eyes, but not up in Seattle.

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