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NFL to Release "All-22" Footage in Next Iteration of Game Rewind

Football nerds, media members and mega-fans around the nation are rejoicing this Friday with the announcement that the NFL will be releasing the every elusive All-22 Gametape footage to the general public. After years of begging from fans, the NFL will make "Coaches Film" available through its Game Rewind feature, which allows fans to watch archived broadcasts of each and every NFL game.

The "All-22" game film refers to the fact you can now see what every player on the field in any given play are doing - 11 players per side, hence, "all-22". This makes it much easier for viewers to see and evaluate what defensive backs and wide receivers are doing 10-15 yards downfield on a given snap, something that was inaccessible, for the most part, while watching a normal television broadcast.


The announcement is a big one, and should eventually lead to more in-depth analysis that was before now very rare. For students of the game, this feature should be a blessing.