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Seattle Seahawks On Hard Knocks Will Not Happen

Hard Knocks has been one of the best TV shows that covers the NFL, as they go indepth on a team in theFrom 2007 to 2010, Hard Knocks followed an NFL team during its training camp through the lead-up to the team's upcoming season. The Kansas City Chiefs were featured in 2007, the Dallas Cowboys in 2008, the Cincinnati Bengals in 2009, and the New York Jets in 2010 all got their own look-ins.

Hard Knocks might have trouble this year in finding a team that'll want to coordinate with them this year. The Atlanta Falcons have already declined, and the Jets have seemed to turn down their invite.

Dan Hanzus of has this report on Carroll's reluctance to be on the TV show.

"That's just not going to suit what we're trying to get done here," Carroll said. "I think it's a great show, I love watching it, I loved Rex (and) the Bengals.

"I just don't want to put that in the middle of our process," he went on. "We're trying to win football games and hopefully we can entertain that way than rather on the show. It's just not our style here."

Talk about how you'd feel about the Seahawks turning down the possibility of being on Hard Knocks, head on over to Field Gulls.

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