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Seattle Seahawks To Win The NFC West? Skip Bayless Thinks So [VIDEO]

I briefly considered making the title of this post, "Skip Bayless is saying things and he wants people to pay attention to him," but that would be kind of redundant, since that's pretty much what Bayless does for a living.

In this case, Bayless is going out on a limb and taking the Seattle Seahawks over San Francisco 49ers, namely because of his confidence in Matt Flynn over Alex Smith. It's quarterback science! There really isn't much more than that, other than Bayless liking Seattle's draft pick and getting all fawny over Marshawn Lynch (who doesn't?), but this is probably just a subtle attempt to troll 49ers fans, since they're definitely the odds-on favorites to capture the NFC West.

Naturally, this has to petrify Seahawks fans, because it's very rare to see Skip Bayless correct about his outlandish predictions. In fact, it would probably portend doom. I'm sure Seattle fans will try to avoid thinking about this projection at all costs.

Check out the video of Bayless predicting the Seahawks to win the NFC West after the jump.

Should 49ers Be Favored To Win The NFC? (via ESPN)

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