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Seahawks QB Russell Wilson Shows His Personality At NFLPA Trading Card Event [VIDEO]

Russell Wilson has proven he has a fun personality since being drafted by the Seattle Seahawks. He's so much fun that Amy K. Nelson and Dan Rubenstein decided to cede him the microphone along with a host of other NFL rookies that made the event.

At the NFLPA Rookie trading card photoshoot at Here you see him interviewing two of his former teammates from his time with Wisconsin and with NC State. Check out the video of the interviews between rookies and rookies after the jump.

Robert Griffin III, Trent Richardson, David Wilson Interview Fellow NFL Rookies (via sbnation)

Even if you don't know if Wilson will pan out and become the next quarterback for the Seahawks, he definitely seems to have personable skills that will make him someone who should be able to develop and become a solid player over time.

Talk about Wilson's interviewing skills with Seahawks fans at Field Gulls.

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