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LaMichael James Discusses Role With 49ers, Earning His Degree At Oregon

LaMichael James will be an interesting player to follow in the NFL for years to come. A bit undersized, his production with the Oregon Ducks was undeniable and his speed and quickness is something to behold. When the San Francisco 49ers selected James in the second round of last week's 2012 NFL Draft, they did so knowing they were welcoming in a dynamic playmaker to their organization.

James recently spoke on KNBR 680 AM radio in the Bay Area and discussed various topics. The guys at Yahoo! Sports grabbed a few quotes, with these being a few of the more notable ones:

LaMichael James: "I think they're going to use me as an athlete. I can do numerous things, play special teams, run routes out of the back field, run up the middle; I can do anything they ask me to do."

For an offense that struggled to move the ball at times last season -- a season they came a few muffed punts away from a Super Bowl appearance -- you can bet James will see plenty of playing time from day one. He may not be able to be an every-down running back in the pros, but his flexibility and athleticism will be huge for offensive coordinator Greg Roman.

LMJ: "It's always good to have that degree. We're always one snap away and that's true for everybody. You can't play football forever."

This sure is refreshing to hear, isn't it? Most of these kids get tutoring and cheat their way through college, while James clearly took his time at the University of Oregon serious. The 49ers are not only getting a fantastic football player, but also a first-rate individual off the field.

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