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Marshawn Lynch Calls Matt Flynn 'Antonio'

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The Seattle Seahawks had hoped they picked up a potential leading quarterback for them in Matt Flynn. Flynn was a successful backup for the Packers and looked solid in his few starting appearances for Green Bay.

Marshawn Lynch still doesn't seem to be quite sure who exactly Flynn is though. Brady Henderson of 710 AM ESPN Seattle filed this report.

Flynn called Lynch a "pretty fun guy" and said they've spent some time together at the facility in recent weeks. Flynn was asked whether he's had any unusual encounters with his new teammate.

"No. He calls me Antonio, though, for some reason," Flynn said.


"I don't know. I'm in the locker room and I'll hear him yell from across the way, he just yells 'Antonio!' So, I don't know," Flynn said, sounding equally puzzled and amused. "I guess I'm Antonio to him."

Who knows why he calls Flynn 'Antonio'. He could just be playing with Flynn, as he does tend to be a bit of a class clown. He might very well think Flynn's first name really is Antonio. Or maybe he doesn't know who Matt Flynn is and just calls him that because that's the best way he remembers him. So many possibilities here.

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