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Paul Allen Listening To Offers For Blazers, Seahawks, According to Report

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Mega-rich human being Paul Allen is possibly looking to back off his stature as the man who owns two-thirds of Northwest professional sports as rumors continue to swirl that both the Seattle Seahawks and Portland Trailblazers are up for sale.

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Dwight Jaynes of CSN Northwest spoke about a 'persistent rumor' that Allen is listening to offers. NBA Commissioner David Stern has tried to squash these rumors since, noting that theTrailBlazers are indeed not for sale.

"We know all the investment bankers, all the prospective purchasers, because many of them come through us," Stern said. "And I have been definitively told by Paul ‘Do not send any to us.'"

Hmm. Maybe he has other investors lined up, or this really is just a rumor. Very interesting to say the least.

Allen has owned the Blazers since 1998, while the Seahawks since 1997.

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