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Seahawks' Russell Wilson Discusses Competition, Determination On The Big 1070 In Madison, WI

Seattle Seahawks rookie quarterback Russell Wilson is keeping himself busy this offseason on and off the field, making his rounds on the media circuit as well.

Wilson joined Jon Arias on The Big 1070 up in Madison, WI on Wednesday to discuss how his rookie season has gone thus far, if he was surprised where he selected in the draft, and what he thinks about Pete Carroll's faith that he could compete for the starting job this season.

On if he was surprised he was chosen in the third round after lots of prognosticators had him going later in the draft:

"No, I wasn't surprised at all. I'd talked to several teams and they thought I could go in the second or third round, and talent-wise I had all the talent in the world and just, the only knock on me was my height. Obviously if you've seen throughout my career and playing at the University of Wisconsin being behind those big offensive linemen, the height's not a factor. And that's just what I had to show teams, and I put it on tape. And that's what I kept telling teams: ‘Just watch the tape and watch the way I play, I have a high, quick release.' And when teams measured my arms and my hands and everything, they were like, ‘Man, this kid's got arms of a 6-5 quarterback.' That's part of it. That definitely helps me. And just knowing the game, just playing smart football. And so it's a blessing to be drafted by the Seahawks, it's a great situation."

Obviously Wilson is confident in his own abilities, but so his Pete Carroll, who believes he has the talent to compete for the starting position this year.

On head coach Pete Carroll stating that he has a chance to compete for the starting job:

"I'm excited about it. I mean, the key for me is just getting there and learning, getting around the guys and just being who I am. And not changing, just competing at the highest level that I can possibly compete at. Learn as much as I can from (Matt) Flynn and (Tarvaris) Jackson and it'll be a great experience. And just do whatever it takes to win games. I think that's the mentality you have to go into it, and I'm a relentless competitor so I'll definitely be competing at the highest that I can and just doing what I have to do."

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