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Marshawn Lynch, Matt Flynn Interviewed On The Real Robinson Report

The Real Robinson Report is fast becoming the destination to learn about all things Seahawks in the locker room. If you really want to get the inside scoop on the latest news and updates about your favorite Seattle players, this is the place to go.

Ok, maybe not this episode. Follow Seahawks fullback Michael Robinson with a video camera, as he makes the rounds at the VMAC talking to his teammates. It can be watched after the jump.

We get our first looks at quarterback Matt Flynn, who talks about becoming a Seattle Seahawk and what it means to be part of the team.

A few players talked a little about Junior Seau. One of those players (Seahawks wideout Doug Baldwin) talked about his old teammate and current Indianapolis Colts QB Andrew Luck.

Marshawn is in full Beast Mode here. No relaxing, no talking, no real answers. It's just intensity, like Lynch is going to make that video camera (and maybe Robinson) regret their existence.

To talk about Lynch, Flynn, Robinson and the rest of the Seahawks, hit up Field Gulls.