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NFL Mock Draft 2013: Seahawks Select USC QB Matt Barkley

As the 2012 NFL Draft dwindles away, all the pundits of the world have gathered their collective minds to start looking at next year's draft. Yes, next year's draft is already being prepared for and Sports Illustrated's Andrew Perloff has joined the fun with his 2013 Mock Draft.

And in it, Perloff has the Seattle Seahawks picking eighth and taking USC quarterback Matt Barkley.

Sound familiar?

Barkley has been considered by some as the no. 1 pick overall as well as being taken towards the end of the top 10. If he falls, former USC coach and current Seahawks coach Pete Carroll might not be able to pass on bringing him into the fold.

Here is what Perloff had to say about Barkley.

"Barkley has been compared to Andrew Luck for staying at USC even though he could have been a high selection in 2012, but he may get picked apart in a way Luck did not. Some people wonder if Barkley is big enough, and how much his outstanding receivers and the system at USC help him look good. Trojans QBs have not done well in the NFL lately, but if anyone can overlook that it's Pete Carroll."

The Seahawks will have a year to decide whether or not incumbent Tarvaris Jackson, free agent signee Matt Flynn or recently drafted rookie Russell Wilson can give them a reason to draft another position next year. But for now, there could be even more room at the position for another talent.

See you in 2013.

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