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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Seattle Seahawks Pick Quinton Coples

The Seattle Seahawks have tinkering they can do at every position, but no overwhelming needs that have to be satisfied. So there's plenty of experimenting they can do with their 12th overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft. This might in fact be one of those times where the best talent available on the board would be the wise course of action.

Ryan Van Bibber released his latest mock draft, and he has the Seahawks taking a defensive end, the very talented Quinton Coples from the North Carolina Tar Heels. With solid defensive line talent everywhere else along that front, it would certainly upgrade that pass rush even further.

Seattle's defensive line has already become, quietly, one of the tougher units in the league. Adding an edge rusher like Coples could make it a real problem for opponents. Can Pete Carroll keep the UNC product's fire lit?

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