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NFL Preseason Schedule Reportedly to Be Announced Wednesday

The one thing the NFL has done a good job with these past few years - apart from that pesky lockout - is keeping the masses entertained during the offseason. They have a great many things to cover from the time the Super Bowl ends to the beginning of the preseason the following year.

They maintain interest by covering Draft prospects at the East-West Shrine Bowl, the Senior Bowl, the Combine, and then move swiftly into Pro Day coverage. There are league owners' meetings where they announce upcoming rule changes to pique your interest and they keep you hooked with free agency, trades, and the like. We're now into April, and as a NFL writer, I don't feel like I've even had a chance to take a deep breath despite my team, the Seahawks, not even making the playoffs.

Alas, there appears to be no rest for the weary - as the league's offseason programs start to kick in during the next two weeks. As of April 16th, teams will be getting together during a 10-week time period in which at least nine will be spent working out, training, installing the offense, and having formal OTAs and practices.

Obviously, let's not forget the Draft in late April.

That said, not a whole hell of a lot is happening this week, so of course the league decided to release their new uniforms on Tuesday and now apparently on Wednesday will be announcing the Preseason schedule for each team.

Anything to keep your interest. And dammit - it works. I am legitimately kind of excited to see who the Seahawks will face in a series of four completely meaningless games.

Stay with us here this week and we'll update this stream with the announcement of the schedule, expected Wednesday.

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