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New Orleans Saints Agree To 5-Year Deal With David Hawthorne

The Seattle Seahawks are headed back to the drawing board when it comes to linebackers. With Leroy Hill still out there in free agency, Seattle might have to do some heavy replacing now that David Hawthorne has decided to take a look elsewhere.

Reportedly, the Seahawks were offering $3 million a year (per John Clayton), but Saints gave him a better offer and that was enough to convince Hawthorne to look to the Bayou. Seattle probably would have needed to consider offering a longer-term deal to keep Hawthorne in Seattle.

The Seahawks will now have to fill up their linebacking coffers, as they're now down to but a few young backs who haven't played all that much. They may now have to consider picking a linebacker early int he 2012 NFL Draft in order to find their starters for the season.

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