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Seahawks Offseason 2012: Seahawks' New Nike Uniforms Talk Of The League

The compliments are already rolling in.

Buffalo Bills safety George Wilson tweeted that the Seattle Seahawks' new uniforms -- revealed as part of the new Nike uniform launch -- are the ones to look out for and have already been dubbed the favorite jersey among the players. And possibly the biggest compliment of all was that the Seahawks will be the "Oregon of the NFL".

Wilson, of course, is referencing the stylish Oregon Ducks college football team known for its ensembles and color schemes. With the Ducks near Nike town, they are fitted with fully customized gear that makes every team in the country jealous. And according to Wilson, that jealousy won't be transferred too far away with the neighboring Seahawks now being the talk of the league.

Take a look at what all the hoopla is about below.

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