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New Nike Uniforms Set To Be Unveiled: Seahawks' Changes The Main Event

The Seahawks are at the center of the new Nike uniform changes that are being unveiled today, with anticipated color scheme and logo changes finally being released.

Nike is set to show the world what they've done with all the 32 teams' NFL uniforms and will do so live at 8:00AM PST. We'll make sure to add photos and updates throughout the press conference so you can see the changes.

There have been leaks and rumors surrounding the Seahawks new duds for the past several months and the latest scuttlebutt revolves around a third 'grey alternate' that, according to Mike Williams, is 'ice cold.' We've also heard that there will be feathers somehow featured, that there may be a totem pole somewhere, that the helmets will be darker, or that the helmets will be lighter, and that the Seahawks logo now has a strip of grey on the Seahawk head, instead of the cobalt blue currently there.

The one thing that we know for sure at this point, is that the uniforms Nike unveils will be a different fabric and fit than their Reebok predecessors.

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