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2012 NFL Draft: Prosser High School Alum Kellen Moore Goes Undrafted

Kellen Moore wasn't expected to be an early round must-have selection in the 2012 NFL Draft, but the fact that he went unselected through all seven rounds is a surprise to many. The Boise State senior had a strong senior year, posting a QB rating of 175.2, 8.66 yards per attempt, and a 74.3% completion rate.

Moore drew praise for his leadership skills and strength in the mental aspects of the game, but there were questions about his ability and whether or not he could make the step up to the NFL level. Boise tended to dominate their competition in the WAC, leading to questions about whether or not Moore had genuinely been tested. At a shade under 6' tall and 200lbs, it was also doubtful that Moore had the size or strength to excel at the next level.

Moore was the son of long time Prosser High School coach Tom Moore, and in his time at Prosser he set records in completions (787) and passes for touchdown (173). He also set Washington state single-season records in completions (317, junior year), yards (4,600, junior year) and passes for touchdown (67, senior year).

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